Rubber Products

foam products


Open cell polyester/polyurethane and reticulated foams,cut into sheets/strips/gaskets, used as packaging/dust proofing/filtration/acoustic insulation.

cork products


Nitrile/neoprene bonded, temp range from -20 to +120 c, to withstand a variety of oils/chemicals/petrol.

rubber products


Solid natural and synthetic rubbers in various grades to suit extreme temperatures and climates. (see chart)

felt product


Industrial felt. Various densities and colours. Gaskets/ strips/ washers for oil seals.

non asbestos fibres

Non Asbestos Fibres

Jointing material various thickness's and grades. Gaskets/ Packaging/ washers for high temperature and pressures.

matting products


Commercial rubber matting available in fine or broad ribbed pattern,Electrical matting and stable mats are also available

closed cell sponge products

Closed cell sponge

Expanded neoprene/ nitrile/ EPDM. Sponge Available with or without self adhesive backings for gaskets/ strip washers to with stand weather, oil, chemicals, heat.

cord products


Solid rubber and sponge type cords various diameters to suit 'o' rings and seals.

expanded polyethylene products

Expanded Polyethylene

Various grades and colours. -80oC - +80oC. Gaskets seals strips washers. To withstand weather, heat, oil.

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